Why do you need a buyer’s guide?

Hybrid working has become mainstream with more than 74% of U.S. companies* embracing or planning for it. For hybrid setup to work efficiently and effectively, hybrid workplace tools are necessary and are being actively adopted by many enterprises.

  • Tech companies can save significant time-to-value, and potential disappointment by taking a rigorous, structured approach for the selection and purchase of technology
  • The use of Hybrid Workplace Platforms can help improve employee experience, productivity and in-person collaboration while significantly optimizing real estate, energy & facility services costs.
  • This document provides background information to assist diligent buyers to pursue their business goals from a Hybrid Workplace; through a rigorous and structured process to ensure they select and acquire the best solution for their unique needs, as efficiently as possible.

Leverage the Buyer’s guide to choose the right platform!

What’s in the Buyer’s Guide

Embracing hybrid work and looking for the best solution? Read the Hybrid Workplace Solution buyers guide to choose the best platform as per the needs of your company.

Inside the buyer’s guide

  • A step-by-step process for adopting new technology
  • How to understand the solution categories and choose the best one for your business
  • How to evaluate the goal statement for this transition
  • Templates, tools and expert resources to help you throughout the process

A clearly laid out technology buying process to plan this acquisition

What will this help you achieve?

  • Coming up with the goal statement for this transition
  • How to coordinate with different stakeholders to identify the problems
  • An approach to evaluate vendors and solution providers
  • How to do due diligence like a pro
  • Factors to consider while choosing a hybrid workplace solution
  • Manage Purchasing – Deployment – Implementation

Research shows that planning drives better procurement in terms of speed and lack of ‘purchase regret’. Why wait now? Download the guide today and choose the best Hybrid Workplace Solution for your business.

See how we have transformed the hybrid workplaces for our clients

68% of high-revenue growth companies are transitioning to a Hybrid Workplace. Be one of them today!

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