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Hybrid Workplace

  • Select a hybrid model – Organizational mandate, Managerial discretion, or Employee autonomy – and adjust it based on business needs
  • Schedule days to work from the office or home seamlessly from web or mobile interfaces
  • Add colleagues to the individual employee circle, and coordinate in-office work by viewing schedules
  • Monitor hybrid work trends and fine-tune your strategy
  • Improved job satisfaction, employee retention & collaboration
  • Improved work-life balance with flexibility
  • Cost savings on office space, utilities & office equipment.

Workplace Experience for Employees

  • Unified Mobile, Web and Kiosk interface for employees to access workplace services
  • In-built workplace services such as reservations (workspaces and amenities), wayfinding, feedback, visitor scheduling, pantry services and many more
  • Neighbourhood seating, finding colleagues for enhanced collaboration
  • SOS button for employee safety
  • Seamless integration with third party workplace services
  • Unified interface boosts productivity by up to 10%
  • Enables employee safety by addressing distress situations
  • Enhances employee retention through differentiated experience

Space planning

  • Digitized floor plans for easy allocation, assignment & movement of workspaces
  • Support for both fixed and flexi seating plans
  • Manage multiple floors, buildings across various locations
  • What-if scenario planning for consolidation & expansion
  • AI enabled space forecast for efficient planning
  • Effortless space planning with digitized 2D/3D interactive floor layouts
  • Increased efficiency with automated seat allocation and assignment
  • Reduce fragmented space using What-If analysis

Space Optimization

  • Identify Occupancy & Utilization patterns to optimize space and explore consolidation opportunities
  • Identify underutilized workspace areas and make them available for collaboration/better usage
  • Auto-cancellation of unoccupied seat/meeting room bookings to reclaim time
  • Forecast space requirement based on pattern analysis
  • Scenario planning that offers data-backed space reorganization & optimization opportunities
  • Typical space savings of up to 30%
  • Associated savings on rent, utilities and facility services costs without compromising employee experience

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Facility services optimisation

  • Digitisation leads to automated monitoring & actions, which reduces manual work
  • The facility staff resources can be optimised or used for value added roles
  • Plan facility services based on occupancy patterns and forecast
  • Increased Operational Efficiency and optimised resource planning lead to saving costs
  • Digitisation leads to predictable service deliverables and reduces errors

Energy optimisation and ESG compliance

  • Correlation of energy consumption to occupancy for identifying saving opportunities
  • In-built ESG monitoring dashboard to achieve sustainability goals
  • Reduce carbon footprint by reducing the need for commuting & travel
  • Reduced energy costs and improved energy efficiency
  • Potential for regulatory incentives and recognition
  • Improve the organisation’s carbon footprint

Enhanced guest experience

  • Schedule visitor requests from the conveniently with the unified app
  • Contactless check-in facility for visitors
  • Kiosk-based wayfinding for ease of movement across the office
  • Employee convenience
  • Improve brand image through seamless visitor management process
  • Improved safety and compliance

Employee Wellness & Hygiene

  • Proactive IAQ monitoring to ensure office environment is healthy, always
  • Smart toilet improves restroom hygiene through proactive odour monitoring
  • Increased employee productivity and lower absenteeism
  • Enhanced employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Lower healthcare costs and reduced insurance expenses

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$250 B is the amount US corporations spend on unutilized space. Want to utilize your space effectively?

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