AI-Powered Hybrid Workplaces

We are thrilled to introduce our new AI-powered reservations for hybrid workplaces, designed to revolutionize the way employees reserve spaces. This cutting-edge feature automatically assigns desk/amenities/rooms based on employees’ past preferences, ensuring a seamless and efficient booking experience.  

AI-Powered Desk, Rooms & Amenities Reservations: Workflow  

Image shows a workflow of the new product update - AI Powered Hybrid Workplaces by DB Spazio which simplifies the desk booking and meeting room reservations with AI-based auto allocation as per the past preferences of the employees and their work schedule.

Benefits of AI-Powered Reservations 

  • Efficiency: The AI-powered desk booking process surpasses the manual process in terms of efficiency. Employees save valuable time by no longer needing to search for available desks or manually make reservations. 
  • Time Saved: With automated desk assignments, employees can quickly secure their desk, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual searches. 
  • Accuracy: The AI considers a variety of factors to assign the most optimal desk, reducing the likelihood of errors or mismatched preferences. 
  • User-friendliness: The AI-powered desk booking process is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Employees can simply schedule their work from office preference, and the AI takes care of the rest, providing a hassle-free experience. 
  • Elevated Employee Experience: By leveraging AI technology, we enhance the overall employee experience. With streamlined desk bookings, employees can focus on their work and enjoy a smooth and organized transition between remote and office work. 


We are delighted to offer our customers the AI-powered desk booking feature. We are confident that this feature will significantly enhance the user experience of our hybrid workplace solution. By leveraging technology, we empower employees to work more efficiently and effectively, saving time and ensuring a seamless reservation experience. With automated assignments and an elevated employee experience, our AI-powered solution transforms the way people reserve spaces in the workplace.

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