How Tata Communications Revived its Occupancy with a Safer Return to Work Strategy

Occupancy Revival: How TCL Achieved a Safer Return to Work

Tata Communications is a leading digital ecosystem enabler, providing impetus to the rapid expansion of today’s digital economy. Their digital expertise aids in the global digital transformation of enterprises, including 300 Fortune 500 companies. TCL’s network carries approximately 30% of the world’s internet routes.

As the world emerged from the pandemic, Tata Communications sought a strategic partnership with DB Spazio to develop a safe return-to-work strategy for their employees, with a focus on fostering in-office collaboration while prioritizing the health and safety of their workforce. By partnering with DB Spazio, they were able to successfully execute a return-to-work strategy that facilitated a safer workplace environment for employees. Let’s delve into how they achieved this.

The Challenge: Ensure a healthy, safe and technology-led return to work for its 6000+ employees

As the pandemic waned, TCL sought to combat the stigma associated with returning to work, particularly for its employees scattered across eight cities. With 10 buildings and 35 floors across these cities, TCL needed a technology-driven approach to enable employees to return to their respective offices while ensuring a COVID-safe work environment.

  • However, this decision presented a new set of challenges for TCL.
  • How to seamlessly integrate a workplace reservations system that allows desk booking, occupancy management, and analysis with their existing tech stack
  • Ensuring a safe and secure integration to uphold its robust and state-of-the-art security infrastructure and prevent data breaches and vulnerabilities

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