Why do You Need a Return to Work Strategy?

As organizations grapple with the challenges of luring employees back to the office post-pandemic, a critical issue arises—how to make the return to work not just a necessity but a compelling choice for employees.

The struggle is real, with concerns about commuting, health, and newfound comfort with remote work. This guide delves into the core problems faced by organizations in encouraging the return to work and presents actionable strategies, centered around the OFFIC model, to transform these challenges into opportunities.

Why You Need this Guide?

Image shows the benefits of creating a return to work strategy to Tackle employee hesitations about returning to the office

Create a Return to Work Strategy:

  • Address the Return Dilemma: Tackle employee hesitations about returning to the office.
  • Navigate New Norms: Understand the new work dynamics for strategic alignment.
  • Strategic Return Management: Develop a robust strategy for a successful return.

End the Ongoing ‘Employer-Employee’ Tug of War on Return to Work: Download the Guide Now! 

Image shows DB Spazio's OFFICE model to create a return to work strategy for attracting employees back to the office.

Leverage the ‘OFFIC’ Model

  • Optimise Collaboration
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Foster a Positive Environment
  • Improve Office Amenities
  • Choose Right Technology

Explore the strategies within our OFFIC model, designed to aid organizations in enticing employees back to the workplace.

DB Spazio's guide to creating a return to work strategy using the proprietary OFFIC model.

Attract employees back to the office and ‘earn the commute’

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