Revolutionizing Hybrid Workplaces: The Need for a Space Planning Tool

With the adoption of hybrid workplaces, traditional methods of managing spaces are increasingly becoming ineffective, manpower dependent and unable to cope up with the change. Managing space allocations effectively, understanding the usage, and reclaiming unused spaces for optimization are some of the challenges that need to be addressed.  

Space Planning for Hybrid Workplaces 

Space planning is not just about making the most of the available area but is also about creating a space that supports the specific needs of the business and one that plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience while turning your space into cost savings.  

Some of the key areas to consider while planning your space for a hybrid workplace are as follows: 


Surprisingly, many organizations still rely on Excel files & routine manual labour to manage their workspace allocations. Digitization allows organizations to quickly adapt to changing needs and move away from siloed management to centralized control across locations.  

  • Digitizing floor plans allows for easy visualization of the office spaces across locations and down to a granular level of a floor & work seat.  
  • Interactive layouts not only allow the facility team in better space allocation but also offer an enhanced user experience. 

Workspace Allocation

Creating an effective allocation plan would require visibility across your portfolio to ensure that spaces are allocated to optimize usage, reduce wastage & offer spaces that enhance user experience & collaboration.  

  • Workspace categorization based on usage- fixed/flexi and across desks, meeting rooms, cabins etc.  
  • In-built workflows for request, approval, allocation & assignment by department or neighborhoods.  
  • Allocation management in a multi-shift environment to maximize employee to seat ratio 

Scenario Planning

Recapturing unused spaces & preparing spaces for growth are aspects that are still dependent on manual inputs. Scenario planning helps facility teams work through different scenarios of reorganization & expansions to find the right fit.  

  • Space portfolio digitization with complete visibility on space capacity & availability 
  • Visual stacking for ease of visualizing scenarios for reorganization 
  • Historic trend analysis & inclusion in scenario planning for expansion & consolidation

Space Insights & Analytics

Organizations can only improve what they measure. Using tools that provide insights on space utilization will help the facilities understand what kind of spaces are more in use, manage their distributed workforce better and plan for optimization.  

  • Hybrid Work Trends providing insights on how many employees are using the office and periodicity will help facility plan workspaces to address these needs and also other affiliated services.  
  • Occupancy & Utilization trends helps reclaim unused spaces & optimize for better usage 
  • Plan for affiliated services based on occupancy and reduce wastages 
  • Integration with other facility services such as energy can result in potential savings and contribution towards the company’s sustainability goals.  

In conclusion, the hybrid workplace set up has become the new normal, and organizations must adapt to this new reality by digitizing their space planning processes. A space planning tool can help organizations allocate and manage their physical space efficiently, especially when it comes to accommodating the needs of a hybrid workforce. Moreover, it can also enable what-if scenario planning, which can help organizations plan for future changes and adjust their workplace accordingly. With the help of a space planning tool, organizations can create a more productive and collaborative work environment that meets the needs of both their employees and business objectives. Investing in a space planning tool is, therefore, essential for organizations that want to stay ahead of the game in the modern workplace. 

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